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Location: Sabah Malaysia
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Mari-Mari Culture Village (馬里馬里文化村)


马里马里文化村座落于下南南镇建山,距离亚庇市约25分钟的车程,这里生活着沙巴的五大民族部落–卡塔山(Kadazandusun)、巴瑶(Bajau)、毛律(Murut)、龙古斯(Rungus)和伦达耶(Lundayeh)族。 来到马里马里文化村,你能看到沙巴五大原住民族群文化色彩与特征的房屋–杜顺、龙古斯、伦达耶、巴夭、毛律,每一天,每一间原住民房屋的示范寮都向游客展示原住民的日常生活。你能在杜顺屋看他们用竹材生火烹煮食物及酿制亚答酒,在龙古斯屋中取火种生火,在伦达耶屋看他们处理树皮并搓绳,在巴夭屋看他们制作鱼网及掇取班丹叶汁,在毛律屋-制作传统烟草卷及刺青纹身。在大饱眼福之余,你还能有机会学习这些生存技能,体会不一样的风俗民情。游村结束后,热情的原住民还会带来特色的文化表演。


与马里马里文化村里 的友善“村民”相处交流。

价格 :150马币(大人)/110马币(小孩3-11岁)

价格包含 :酒店来回接送,入门票,(午餐/下午茶/晚餐)。

备注 :每天有3个开放时间(只开放给提前预约且跟随旅行团的游客):

【早上】 0900时:参观传统房屋、示范和活动、 文化表演、 午餐 。

【下午】 1300时:参观传统房屋、示范和活动、 文化表演、下午茶 。

【傍晚】 1700时:参观传统房屋、示范和活动、 文化表演、 晚餐。

Explore the Wonders of Sabah Malaysia

Mari Mari Cultural Village was established in November, 2008, and is located at Inanam district, which is only about 25 minutes away from Kota Kinabalu. In the midst of this, lust green forest hills confront the visitors and a small rocky stream cuts through the village, where the five tribal houses are: namely the Dusun House, Rungus Longhouse, Lundayeh House, Bajau House, and Murut Longhouse. Each traditional house has its unique architectural style and was built by the descendants of the tribes they represent. Demonstration huts along the main houses show case the daily activities, from the simple task of cooking with bamboo to the complex and sophisticated process of making Montoku (rice wine), and from starting a fire without lighters or matches to the tedious and time consuming way of making vest out of tree barks, visitors get to experience all these and many others interesting activities. A visit to Mari Mari Cultural Village is like taking a time machine and travel back in time to the prehistorical North Borneo with the fast talking and detailed explanation of an experienced guide from the establishment this journey will surely leave visitors with an unforgettable encounter and a wonderful time.

Price per person: Adult RM150, Children RM110(03-12 Years).

Tours strat 3 times a day: 0900/1300 and 1700 hours.