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Shittim Camp Team Building Tamparuli 2 Days 1Night


Shittim Camp Team Building Tamparuli 2 Days 1Night Commonly known as the land below the wind, north Borneo, Sabah is blessed with abundant rainfall and blazing sunlight all year round. These characteristics caused its rainforest to become a natural tropical ecological paradise. Rivers and streams that flow through the mountain valleys, also brought life to land and benefits to many indigenous ethnic group. The 20 million hectares of protected ancient forest of Sabah have become the heart of north Borneo, providing bountiful natural resources, fresh air and unpolluted sustainable water source to its people. Countless of tourists also came from all over the world to take a look at this tropical paradise, situated right beside the protected forest and kiulu river, shittim camp provides ATV adventure tour that allows you to drive up to forestry hills, and down by the kiulu river, not only will you attain a sense of achievement and witness the coastline of tamparuli upon successfully reaching the top of the hill, you will also be able to drive down by the 150km long kiulu river and gaze upon its spectacular scenery.


Shittim camp location

Waze: http://waze.to/lr/hw94dvgus0

Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/TQJHHxrmXr12


River side package is around 5km,will take about 2 hours and half hours, including briefing and on site practice


Suggest tour starting time: 9am or 2 pm