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The place you would be always remembered: “TSM Merrimas Villa” in Kudat. This place was discovered in the recent years and it is located at the tip of Sabah,  where it takes 3-hour car ride from Kota Kinabalu to Kudat. Kudat is a place with lower tourists’ attention over the years, which is why  it could preserve its nature within. The most fun part is you could snorkel in 4 different snorkeling spots with different seabed. The coral reefs here arepreserved the best and its beauty could be same par with corals in Semporna nearby islands. TSM Merrimas Villa in Kudat offers 2D1N and 3D2N packages, inclusiveof 5 meals: Breakfast x1, Lunch x2, Dinner x1 and Supper x1 (proper mealserves with seafood). TSM Merrimas Villa provides 2 person room and 4 person room for accommodation. The villa main entrance face towards the South China Sea; at here, you could feel the calm sea breeze that freshens the upyour mind. In just walking distance, you could see the Tip of Borneo; in this magnificent place, you could have one glance of two divided seas: South China Sea (left side) and Sulu Sea (right side). At the bottom of the villa is a private white beach, where you could enjoy the beautiful sunrise and blue sea with many coral fishes here. From here we aboard snorkeling boat to the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea for snorkeling. Kudat is truly gifted as a snorkeling paradise; at here, you could snorkel in the different seabed with different corals. You could spot a variety of coral fishes such as Nemo fish, Rainbowfish, Flying fish, etc. The corals on the seabed are full of vibrant colors such as purple, red, brown, green, blue, etc, and they are really beautiful. Moreover, there is always a chance to have a close encounter with blue starfish, sea cucumber, flower jellyfish and many more. We would also be able to land on the Light House Island in the Sulu Sea; the island is full of coral sand whereby it is a good place for sea snake and sea turtle to build their nest. There is a small bat cave located on the island and also a big reef stone that has been weathered; its uniqueness is that it looks like a man watching his big toe! When it is near dusk, we would enjoy watching the sunset on the South China Sea beach, please take more photos in this world-class sunset spot. The fun is yet to end even at night; where we will be star gazing at the twinkle stardust in Tip of Borneo and you may get to know stories behind all the twinkle little stars too! After that, we would explore the bioluminescence “Blue Tear” on the beach and it is very romantic to spot them in blue washing on the beach!  Back to the TSM Merrimas Villa, we would now enjoy a good night sleep while listening to the calm sound of waves washing. All of the beautiful memories of clear blue sea, beautiful corals, and twinkle stardust would all be kept in TSM
Merrimas Villa, Kudat.


Day 1

09.00 Departure from KK City Hotel
10.30am Have a shortstop by halfway at the paddy field and watch “Mt Kinabalu” (subject to weather condition)
12.00am Arrival on “TSM Merrimas Villa” at Kudat
12.30pm Enjoy Seafood Lunch
13.30pm Check in a room and free leisure
14.30pm Prep for snorkeling in the South China Sea by boat, there is 2 snorkeling point here: “Lobster Bay” and “Undersea Trench Bay”. Snorkeling in these points can spectate a lot of small coralfishes, blue starfish, sea cucumber, etc
16.30pm Heading toward “Sunset Beach”. While waiting for the sunset, you could leisure walk along the beach or swimming in the sea
18.00pm Ready your camera for sunset (subject to weather condition
19.00pm Walk back to Villa and enjoy seafood dinner
20.00pm Return to a room for rest or free leisure
20.30pm Night activity 1: Walk to the Tip of Borneo to stargaze the twinkle“Stardust & Comet” and also listen to the stories of stars(subject to weather condition)
21.30pm Night activity 2: Explore the bioluminescence “Blue Tears” along the beach, and if lucky can catch crab on the beach too!
22.30pm Return to the villa to enjoy the supper. If you are not sleepy yet can join us for fun singing and drinking beer (self-expense) together at the music festival platform!


Day 2

05.30am Enjoy on the first sunset in the Sulu Sea!
06.30am Due to the low tide during the early morning, we can “close encounter with Nemo Fish, Blue Starfish, Crabs, SeaCucumber” and many more marine creatures.
07.30am  Return to Villa for Breakfast
08.00am Prep for snorkeling in the Sulu Sea by boat. There is 2 snorkeling point here: “Rainbow Color Coral Bay and Sandy Bar CoralBay” The snorkeling experience is truly remembrance as the beauty of the seabed here is always in the memory!
10.00am After snorkeling, we will land on the “Lighthouse Island”, the environment here is full of coral sands and it is best for sea snake and sea turtle to build a nest. There is a remarkable “Giant Reef Stone”, please do take an unforgettable photo with it.
10.30am Return to Villa for a rest
12.00pm After checking out the room, please enjoy seafood lunch
13.00pm We will walk to the “Tip of Borneo” to enjoy the one glance oftwo divided seas: the South China Sea on the right and the Sulu Sea on theleft. Please take this magnificent photo for good memory in Kudat.

Return to KK city hotel and the tour is ended, all the good memoryis left in TSM Merrimas Villa…




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